Dear Parents,


Our cooperation with the school community continues, to ensure our students are presented with a lifelong learning experience.


The newly elected MMS PTA members have been meeting regularly to address certain matters and hence have created four initiatives to kick start their journey as school parent representatives. The initiatives are:


  1. Alumni Association

The MMS Alumni aspires to develop, sustain, create and foster an alumni community of MMS graduates. The Alumni association in collaboration with the school community and the PTA will work towards expanding the MMS image across borders.


  1. Strategic Partnerships

Through building strategic partnerships, we aim to contribute in paving the way to building strong connections between MMS and international universities. Through collaborations and strategic partnerships, our goal is to maximize the students’ capabilities, ensuring the continued and sustained impact on learning for a greater and worldwide engagement, and consequently brightening their vision for a better future.


  1. I’m a Proud Montessorian

The initiative aims to unite and bring forth what our school values. It is an active day-to-day call to raise our bar and to hold ourselves to a much higher standard.


  1. School Community Engagement

In an effort to bring together all stakeholders, outside of the school setting, this initiative serves as a tool to promote a relationship that will strengthen the school capacity.


In order to proceed with the implementation of these initiatives, sub-committees will be created. If you wish to be part of one of the above initiatives, kindly contact the PTA via email at [email protected]


Thank you for your continuous support,


Mohammad Yousef


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