The MMS, with the best interest of its students and staff in mind and to make sure the best quality of services are provided on our campus wherever and whenever possible, is happy to announce the introduction of the new MMS Cafeteria! The MMS Cafeteria is now entirely under new management. 

Our new team of leading, highly qualified and experienced food service managers, chefs, and support staff will be providing our new menu of fresh, daily-prepared home-cooked items across three stations: Hot Meals Station, Sandwich Station, and our new Juice Station where healthy, fresh juices are prepared daily. The MMS Food Service Manager aims to meet all dietary requirements for a balanced nutrition and a healthy living when selecting menu items, preparing meals and conducting food purchases for the school. As always, keen attention is also paid to ensuring that cafeteria staff always adhere to proper food sanitation guidelines and practices. The 'Weekly Menu' will be updated at the end of every week on this page and it will be posted on the mobile application 'MMS Amman', therefore students and parents are strongly encouraged to download it at their earliest convenience.

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