Middle School Principal Message

Dear parents,

The Middle School is a learning stage which, despite the diverse elements it combines, provides dynamic and reflective inquiry, all of which harmoniously unite to create a unique mold that shapes one’s personality and perception. We believe that controlled freedom, discipline, diversity, harmony, dialogue and respect are the fundamental principles of this stage. Accordingly, we devise new methods and strategies that keep pace with the times and meet the students’ needs.

As a result, students develop various thinking, research and inquiry skills that ultimately lead to tolerance, appreciation and respect. Finally, we trust that education is a co-operative learning process through which we not only teach students, but we learn from them and work both with them and for them.Read More


About Middle School

As an MYP accredited school, the MMS Middle School connects the Primary Years to the Diploma Programme providing vertical consistency along the IB continuum of education. It is a rigorous programme that aims to build upon the fundamental skills and knowledge developed in the Primary Years, and prepares and enables a smooth transition into their subsequent IB programme.We strive to meet the needs of adolescents, who are confronted with a vast range of changes during the critical years that play a pivotal role in a student’s overall development.

To prepare our learners for the challenges of society. Three major skills that can contribute to the overall student academic achievement and student success are: 1. Affective skills Students are encouraged to control their emotions and reactions through exploring their attitudes, values, interests and appreciation developing into motivated life-long learners. 2. Cognitive skills Students are trained to use different critical thinking and reasoning strategies to sustain concentration and develop internal procedures to comprehend, analyze, evaluate and apply acquired knowledge to real-life situations. 3. Metacognitive skills Students are directed to focus on their ability to plan, monitor, regulate and self-evaluate the learning process, through a student-centered environment. The enhanced higher order thinking skills and creativity acquired generate competent, confident and independent learners. To ensure our students’ holistic development, we offer a wide range of AHA and other extracurricular activities to provide authentic extensions to what our students learn in class, develop existing interests and discover new ones. We hope you will enjoy this memorable educational journey to excellence. Education must not simply teach work-it must teach life. Read More




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