Our purposes are:

  • To work for the overall welfare and improvement of the school.
  • To promote improved relationships between the student body and faculty/administration.
  • To promote improved relationships between the school and the community.
  • To engage the student-body with implementing the IB learning profile by acknowledging and addressing global issues.
  • To keep the school an enjoyable place.


Janna Ibrahim
Grade 6 Representative

Sa'ed Abu Haikal
Grade 7 Representative

Salma Kilani
Grade 8 Representative

Dania Mansour
Grade 9 Representative

Zuhair Abu Zahrah
Grade 10 Representative

Menna Halawani
Grade 11 Representative

Ghada Wazani
Media Officer

Muntaser Othman

Haya Abu Hijleh
Vice President

Ahmad Ghosheh

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