Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

A parent teacher association is a committee comprised of parents and staff members working together towards a common goal; the overall educational experience of students.

Mission and Vision

The Modern Montessori School Parent Teacher Association (MMS PTA) is a committee of 9 elected members, acting on behalf of both parents and teachers, for the purpose of ensuring a safe, rich and stimulating environment wherein students can develop to their full potential.
The association works towards strengthening communication and collaboration through social opportunities to connect parents, teachers, staff and students through special school activities and events that raise awareness of specific issues, increase the involvement in our students’ education and help enhance the school experience for all parties involved.

Why PTA?

  • Investing in your child(ren)'s future.
  • Getting involved in issues and activities that directly affect your child
  • Having a voice in the school and an opportunity to be heard
  • Contributing to your child's schooling experience
  • Being an active and constructive member in your society, since it is an opportunity to put your skills and interests to good use for a worthy cause
  • Sharing ideas, concerns and experiences with other parents and educators

How Can Parents and Teachers Contribute?

Parents who have children enrolled at MMS and members of staff are always invited and welcome to come to general PTA meetings or volunteer to serve on one of the PTA subcommittees. Their active involvement and participation in MMS PTA activities is very much needed and encouraged. Time commitments can be large or small; they are valuable either way.


  • Alumni Association

The MMS Alumni aspires to develop, sustain, create and foster an alumni community of MMS graduates. The Alumni association, in collaboration with the school community and the PTA, will work towards expanding the MMS image across borders.By managing social welfare programs and fundraising events, the MMS Alumni will provide guidance to MMS students in their future endeavors, give back to the community and shed light on ethical values and principles they acquired from their time at MMS.

  • Strategic Partnerships

Through building strategic partnerships, we aim to contribute by building strong connections between MMS and international universities. Through collaborations and strategic partnerships, our goal is to maximize students’ capacities, ensuring continued learning for greater and worldwide engagement. Consequently, we plan to brighten their vision for a better future.

  • Special Initiative - To Be Announced Soon

We are currently working on a special project that aims to unite and bring forth what our school stands for. It is an active day-to-day call to raise our bar and to hold ourselves to a much higher standard.

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