1. Each applicant will be given a date for an entrance exam and interview. *Please note that the entrance exam fee is JD 50. 
  2. Parents/guardians must fill out the MMS Application Form, sign it and attach the amount of JD 750 as an enrollment fee, which is non-refundable in case of withdrawal.


The applicant must submit the following documents to the MMS Registrar’s Office immediately after he/she is notified of his/her provisional acceptance: 

  1. Photocopy of the Family Book with National Registration Number. 
  2. Photocopy of Birth Certificate authenticated by the Civil Registration Department.
  3. Copy of the parents and student’s passports. 
  4. Two coloured passport-sized photographs of the student.
  5. All records, reports and recommendations from schools previously attended. 
  6. Transfer Certificate from the last school attended.
  7. Financial Clearance from previous school.
  8. Copy of the student’s Vaccination Card.
  9. Valid residence permit for the student (non-Jordanians only).
  10. For transfers from schools outside Jordan, documents should be certified by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the previous country and the Jordanian Embassy.

Five signed cheques must be submitted to the finance department with the registration fees.
Cheques should be dated as follows:

  • 15/08/2024
  • 15/11/2024
  • 15/1/2025
  • 15/3/2025
  • 15/5/2025

*Textbooks for subjects taught in English will be available in the school at a date to be advised. Respective payments should be made to the Finance Department. Please note that textbooks will only be sold to students whose fees have been paid


  • The tuition fees stated below are inclusive of the Ministry of Education text books.
  • Other textbooks, including international titles, examination fees, special courses, and extra-curricular activities are payable separately.
  • Students are enrolled for the whole academic year, and it is an obligation to pay the total annual fee unconditionally. Charges paid and/or outstanding are not refundable in case of absence, dismissal or withdrawal. 
  • No seat reservation is guaranteed unless full payment by post-dated cheques is received by 25/2/2024.
  • Students participating in any national team will have %25 tuition discount from Grades 6-12.

Tuition fees for the Academic year, 2024-2025

Tuition Levels



Grades 1-3 4,890
Grades 4-5 5,570
Grades 6-8 6,130
Grades 9 & 10 7,720
Grade 11 & 12 (IBDP) 11,390

Enrolment Fees (new students only)

(applicable for all grades, KG-12)


Supervision- after school hours

(from grades 1-5) (Optional)

Educational Technologies Fees


Kindergarten 170
Grades 1-2 200
Grades 3-8


Grades 9-10


Grades 11-12


*Special Needs Students will be charged according to their individual needs.

Transportation fees for the Academic year, 2024-2025

Service   J.D
Round Trip   810
One Way Trip   660


Sibling Discount

First child 0%
1st brother or sister 10%
next brother or sister 15%

Tuition and Registration Payment Schedule for the Academic year, 2024-2025

Service   J.D
Seat reservation from G2-G12, payable yearly &deductible from annual tuition fees  Along with the re-registration form 800
Seat reservation for KG & G1  First installment from annual tuition, plus two post-dated cheques, dated: 15/8/2024 & 15/1/2025 1500 
Entrance & placement tests fee (new students, KG – G12)   50





*Cash or by five post-dated cheques - which must be submitted to the Finance Department by 25/2/2024 dated: 15/8/2024, 15/11/2024, 15/1/2025, 15/3/2025 & 15/5/2025. 

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