PYP Principal Message

Welcome to the MMS Primary School, where any visitor cannot but witness the positive, warm, and joyous atmosphere reflected on our dear students who passionately enjoy their learning experiences, freely and independently, hence boosting their sense of belonging to their beloved school.
Our caring and devoted teachers work tirelessly to ensure academic excellence and the overall well-being of our students in all aspects, at all times, where they become passionate life-long learners and grow up espousing the characteristics of the IB leaner profile.

Sincerely, Primary School Principal


About Primary School

"Please don't do it for me, teach me how to do it myself. Help me inquire into myself as a learner" - Maria Montessori. At the MMS Primary School, Maria Montessori’s philosophy has been revived through the implementation of the Primary Years Programme (PYP). Both methods of application are mutually based on child-centered education and individual inquiry. As a PYP accredited school, our teachers focus on giving our students the freedom, as well as the guidance, to become bilingual internationally-minded global citizens.

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