Welcome to the IBDP Student Affairs Department!

As the latest initiative on the road to lift the MMS to even higher educational grounds, the department aspires to be an integral part in the journey of our MMS Seniors, during their final learning stage at the MMS; completing the IBDP to the very best of their ability while utilizing all MMS resources to ensure the best IBDP experience. We, at the IBDP Student Affairs Department, dedicate our time and efforts to help gear our students throughout an important chapter in their lives and the beginning of another that is the two year Diploma Programme. The Diploma Programme is a wide-ranging and challenging pre-university course of study that ends with external examinations. The Diploma Programme is widely recognized for being a programme with the highest academic standards.

The new IBDP Student Affairs Department will cater to all our students’ needs and requirements during their last two years to ensure the smoothest and most efficient transition to university including university counseling and guidance based on students’ career aspirations. Accordingly, the department has a mission to expose our MMS students to what universities look for, what the job market requires, and personal choices in order to ensure that the transition to university is comfortable, easy, and smooth. Our team’s main aim is to support students in their journey of discovering the countless opportunities they are surrounded with. Choosing IB subjects, analyzing various career alternatives, planning and applying to universities could overwhlem both students and parents, however, our team is solid and ready to offer the assistance that each and every student needs in order to ensure that the decisions they make satisfy their future ambitions. In the IBDP Student Affairs Department, we like to develop our students to their full potential, help them unleash their true self, and cultivate their knowledge and skills in preparation for university life.

Hoor Hawamdeh
Head of IBDP Student Affairs
Department-IBDP Coordinator


Aya Shuhaiber
Career and University Guidance Officer


Rajaa Al Mufleh
CAS Coordinator





Nada Nashashibi
Admin Assistant



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