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I hereby authorize Mr. / Mrs
To daily accompany my son / daughter from the school on the end of the school day, unless you provide us otherwise in written. For emergency medical attention, we hereby authorize the Modern Montessori School to take our son/daughter to the designated hospital and give consent for all necessary treatment.

I, the undersigned,
acknowledge that I am the personal parent/guardian of the student:

I attest that all the information provided in this application to the Modern Montessori School is correct and that the amount of 750 Jordanian Dinars submitted with this letter is for admission fees. I understand that this amount is non-refundable in the event of withdrawal. I pledge to pay the full school tuition and all related fees for the current school year and for all subsequent school years (including any tuition modifications) that my child is enrolled at MMS.

I will provide the school with all the necessary documents in full to join the school as soon as I receive the Admission Notice. I declare that I have agreed on the value of school fees and the schedule of payment, and I agree to register my child for the full academic year with the school’s approval.

I acknowledge that I am not entitled to ask the school to recover the premium and/or any part of it due to the student’s absence, illness, withdrawal or dismissal by the school.

I Agree

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